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Our Mission:
It is our intention at Texada to provide quality service to our customers that are second to none. Our main Goal is to create a corporation that delivers safe, professional and competitive services to our customers. We hope that our organization will become a major player outside of Canada.When proven successful, we also predict that our company will serve as a model for industry and world organizations to assist or guide them in future initiatives. We are confident that the structure that we have developed will address the needs of all shareholders involved. We will always endeavour to provide our services in a safe, efficient and professional manner for all our clients. In time, we hope that our reputation will speak for itself.

Our History:
Gary Parenteau established the company in the asphalt industry from the “ground up” in the early 1980’s. Gary has earned the company's reputation as a serious competitor in the asphalt industry. Gary performed diverse roles in the company at that time he was responsible for sales, customer relations, advertising, safety and personnel, site foreman, repairs and maintenance, organizing the projects and operating the equipment. The company employed four general labourers when the first projects were acquired and accomplished the “hard way”.

As each year passes Texada has upgraded their equipment to make it easier to meet engineer specifications. With these additions, they have positioned themselves with the industry for unlimited growth.

With experience, Texada began forming alliances with some of the areas companies. Texada is established in the industry with its own reputation.

Texada Paving Inc. is a one hundred percent Canadian owned and operated contracting company. Situated in the heart of the Peace country.

Texada offers cost-effective project management in terms of. Our managers and field staff are equipped with the tools, resources, knowledge and authority to deliver value to the customers for all projects that we are hired to perform.

Our commitment is to provide a safe work environment to our customers, our employees and to the general public. We believe that a good safety program is essential for the development of a successful company. This commitment also extends to the environment in which we work. We will strive to minimize the footprint that we leave on the land in order to preserve as much pristine area for future generations.

The key to making this company successful is the employees. All employees will be instructed about the concept of team building. A strong team will provide for a well-coordinated structure to deliver services that the customer expects from a contractor.

World Relations:
The owners of the company have committed to providing opportunities outside of Canada with whom we have established relations. We are committed to training, employment and business opportunities to other people in other countries.

We hope that one-day people might look at our company as an example of a successful business relationship that has fostered from the merging of other cultures with respect to common goals and desires. We hope that this arrangement will be viewed with an open mind and that the company be given a chance to prove itself.

Safety Philosophy:
Our mandate and commitment here at Texada is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees and guests. It is without a doubt, the most important aspect of company development and we will strive to make safety a top priority for all work sites. Our objective is to have a safety record that is second to none in the construction industry and will meet or exceed current industry standards.


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